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Glitch004“What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror”


025 - Vertigo (1958)Vertigo is just one of Alfred Hitchcock’s many masterpieces. Last year it was named the greatest film of all time in the once a decade Sight & Sound poll, beating Citizen Kane which topped the poll for the previous five decades. Vertigo tells the story of a retired detective who suffers from acrophobia. When he is persuaded by an old friend to take on a new case, he becomes dangerously obsessed with the woman he is supposed to be investigating. Vertigo is a perfect demonstration as to why exactly Hitchcock is called the ‘Master of Suspense’.

Ross CompilationAmy Ross is a Boston based artist. She works with graphite pencils, watercolours and inks to create animals morphed with plants to create impossible hybrid creatures. Her work intends to highlight the moral questions that are raised with genetic engineering and artificial mutation. You can see more of her work here.

024 - City Lights (1931)There are many great Chaplin films out there, but City Lights is my favourite. Like most of Chaplin’s films, the plot centres around the Tramp, a clumsy but well-mannered vagrant. In City Lights, the Tramp  meets a blind girl selling flowers who mistakes him to be rich. The Tramp falls in love with the girl, so decides to do what he can to help. City Lights is an undoubtedly funny film, the boxing scene being one of the funniest sequences of all time, however it is the heartfelt moments and the touching relationship between the two characters which makes this film so great. There are very few perfect films, but this is one of them.