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016 -  The Conversation(1974)

When naming the great Francis Ford Coppola films, the obvious choices would be Platoon, Apocalypse Now and of course The Godfather trilogy. However, one film that is often overlooked, is The Conversation, which is possibly my favourite Coppola film. This twisted psychological thriller is about a surveillance expert who has been assigned to spy on a couple, and his fears about what could happen to this couple as a result.


Tenmyouya CompilationHisashi Tenmyouya is a Japanese visual artist, who combines themes from traditional Japanese art with contemporary culture, in a style known as Neo Nihonga. His work has referenced Japanese folklore, samurais, machinery, Gundam and even Star Wars. You can see more of his work here.

015 -  The Wind (1928)

I find it incredible how films from the 20’s can still hold up today. But they can. If you want proof, look no further than Victor Sjöström’s The Wind. The film is about a woman named Letty, who is travelling by train to place where the winds are strong and constant. While on the train, a fellow passenger tells her that the winds often drive women insane, which over the course of the drama, proves to be true. This silent melodrama is utterly captivating, terrifically directed and has a terrific performance by Lillian Gish, one of my favourite silent screen actresses.