Monthly Archives: December 2012


This year saw the release of Paul Thomas Anderson’s captivating The Master, the heartbreaking documentary Nostalgia for the Light and the uncomfortable yet powerful Amour. But no film has engrossed, entertained and excited me more than Leos Carax’s Holy Motors this year. This delightful surreal cinematic odyssey was one of the most incredible visual experience’s I’ve had inside the cinema, and one that I will not forget in a long time. The film has alien sex, hobos biting people’s fingers off, a singing Kylie Minogue dressed as Jean Seberg and a wonderful accordion interlude. This all culminates into the maddening splendour that is Holy Motors, which is undoubtedly my top film of 2012.


Noonan CompilationDavid Noonan works by screen printing found imagery from books, magazines, archive photos and film stills, to create dreamlike images that invoke the illusion of the moving image. The qualities of these photomontages convey the sensation of memory in a distinct cinematic form that is mystic, surreal and haunting.

Eyes Wide Shut

When naming favourite Christmas films we get our familiar titles: Die Hard, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life. One of my favourite Christmas films is Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 drama film, Eyes Wide Shut. Ok, so this perhaps isn’t the most ‘Christmasy’ film you’ll ever find, but there’s no denying the fact that the Christmas symbolism is there. In the film, Tom Cruise’s character goes on a sexual odyssey where he encounters prostitutes, underground cults and masked orgies… Merry Christmas!

Rugg CompilationEquipped with surgical knives and a steady hand, Kim Rugg dissects and reassembles newspapers, postage stamps, comic books, cereal boxes and anything else she can find. The intricacy and precision in her work is amazing, but why listen to me babble on? Why not listen to her speak for herself in this video?

15-12-12 Stick NotesI have always been interested in the idea of making/drawing something and just leaving it on the street somewhere. I stuck these sticky notes around the streets while I was on my journey home. I wonder what has happened to them. Has anybody taken enough interest in them to take them home? Are they just ignored? I will never know…

ArriettyStudio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio which is known for creating wonderfully imaginative and visually stunning works. Perhaps the most lauded Ghibli films are directed  by Hayao Miyazaki, but I think Arrietty is among the best by the studio. Arrietty is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and based on the classic Mary Norton novel ‘The Borrowers’. This charming little film is beautifully touching, wonderfully animated and accompanied by a delightful score by Cécile Corbel.